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Forgotten in Darkness - A Witch in the Glymerdei

Forgotten in Darkness - A Witch in the Glymerdei

The Final Chapter is upon us!

The final chapter in our three-part dark fantasy series is here! The party now must brave the Temple, a massive ziggurat in the heart of the Glymerdei. Will they outsmart the cruel and crafty, Ytorhorn, or will they perish and rot as so many before them?! 

Check out the complete campaign adventure here if you haven't already, as it is only one part of the fun we have planned for anyone who wishes to sign-up for our newsletter. It's the best place to stay in the know about our upcoming Kickstarter. 

We've UPGRADED our Adventures AGAIN!

We continue to iterate and improve our creative process as we move toward the launch of our new Kickstarter in November. 

This time we've added various maps for both digital AND print versions, including a "solution map" for the DM. We have also released the first of our environment/ambient music, "Ill-Willow's Opus," as a 10-minute custom-created encounter song to be paired with the Maze Encounter from "The Roots Beneath Us". Additionally, we've included an hour-long version of the music to be used in your at-home games on our brand-new YouTube channel: here

We hope you enjoy it!


Meet Our CTO, Christopher Perry

CTO - Christopher Perry


Christopher Perry is one of the finest and most talented individuals you might ever meet. His time in the web/tech industry makes him the perfect choice to help us maintain and keep the site up-to-date and running properly. He's a programmer by trade and brings with him all of the iterative knowledge he's gained over the years. 

He also functions are our Music Lead, where he spends countless hours behind a variety of instruments to bring the dulcet (and sometimes dreary) tones to all of our work. You can hear his latest music on our Youtube channel as well as in various other places all over the internet. Additionally, he's our CTO! Music and Metadata are his expertise, and weaving these wonderful things together makes him best suited to move us into the future.

Media Producer - Caitlyn Ingoldsby


Caitlyn Ingoldsby joins our Founding band as the partner in crime to our Branding Monk as the Media Producer! Her work in the advertising spheres for commercial brands puts her in a unique position to really stretch her advertising muscles as we work towards our Kickstarter. Her love for her beautiful pup Remy just shows how easy it is to work and create with such a wonderfully talented woman. 

She works hand in hand with many of the team but finds herself in a position she's always wanted... creating funny D&D videos and art to inspire others! In addition to helping produce many of the videos you have seen around our website and social media presence, she probably also used her Adobe Suite skills to help create the assets needed for all of the media you've seen.