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Its a BRAND NEW Day!!!

Its a BRAND NEW Day!!!

A New Day AND Website

We're celebrating a BRAND NEW day and direction here at The Dungeon Society. Our team has been hard at work on the 5e Adventure Calendar, and there are so many new things to share!

As you can see, we have launched our BRAND NEW website!!! Welcome. We're so very proud to call this new place our digital home.

A 5e Free Adventure for 5th-7th Level Adventurers

First, we're very proud to announce that we are officially releasing our first "freebie"! The adventure, "As the Crow Flys," is designed with a party of 5th to 7th level characters in mind. Our latest installment features a new monster called the "Crowrega," a natural cursed creature seemingly bent on revenge. The intrigue and thrill are high in this adventure, as my own players found out recently in our campaign.

Check out the new free adventure if you haven't already, as it is only one part of the fun we have planned for anyone who wishes to sign-up for our bi-monthly newsletter. It's the best place to stay in the know about our upcoming Kickstarter. 

A Slight Change of Plans

In other news, we are moving the launch date of our Kickstarter from the end of April to the beginning of August. The team was reluctant to move the date as we've all been hard at work on this project since October of 2019. If there is anything our collective experience has taught us, taking the time you need will result in a better product overall. The reasoning behind the delay in our Kickstarter is complex, but it mainly comes down to manufacturing. We've been vigilantly watching other Kickstarter projects that have already been completed. There is a huge looming issue.... manufacturing and international delivery. This means our team will need time to make sure the entire process is smooth and easy for all of you and for our own sanity.

We appreciate every one of you for taking the time to support our team. Check out the new art in the freebie if you haven't. Mr. Hayes, our talented lead artist, is a beast in character design. Honestly, the fantastical stories coming out of Trey's mind these days are the stuff of legend. 

Don't Miss Out on Our Instagram Giveaways.

One last thought, we'll be launching a couple of giveaways in the next few weeks, and we want to make sure you all have an opportunity to win some cool custom painted minis, so make sure you like and follow our Instagram page: