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A Playable 5e Advent Calendar

A Playable 5e Advent Calendar

We Doin' A Kickstarter Y'all

Hello friends, old & new!

I’m Ron Ogden and I want to wish you all a joyous <fill in your own non/religious vacation> and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I sincerely hope that joy has found its fruitful root in your home. If you’ve found us via the Internet or follow any of my social media then you probably know that a soft announcement has dropped! Boy, am I excited. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then take a look below.

We're Letting The World Know

So the “coals out of the sack” as they say and I am pleased to announce that The Dungeon Society crew and I are launching a Kickstarter in April of 2022 to release a playable 5e Advent-ure Calendar.

Now I know the details are essentially missing but that’s why this newsletter is hitting your inbox! We appreciate your time and want to give a small sneak peak into what we are building. So why are we announcing now with the details still a little fuzzy? Well, the time seemed right.

A little background here: The Dungeon Society over the past year has been working on this idea but then this happened:

Crazy right?!

When we saw this, we knew it was time to let it out into the world. Eagerness for this type of product was palpable.Now we’re on our way to our very first Kickstarter campaign and I’m excited to say we have got SUCH a great team attached. Thanks again for joining us and we’ll be keeping you in the loop as the Kickstarter gets closer.

Art is Key

The "Art"ful Knave

Chris Hayes - Chief Design Officer

Today, I’d LOVE to tell you about our Chief Design Officer and resident artist Christopher Hayes. Chris is a serious RPG/Video Game Art professional that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing long before his rise to stardom in companies like Activision/Blizzard and EPIC Games.

We met some years ago on a fantastical battlefield in the middle of the pine woods of Georgia and even then I could see his talent. When we weren’t swinging plumbing supplies at our enemies at a state park, we were each heads down in our careers but I knew every month I’d see my friend and his incredible cosplay.

So when things started to take off in the TTRPG show/game space, he was the very first friend I contacted. I was shocked and excited when he said yes to my pitch.

The excitement then was like lightning and the closer we get to our Kickstarter that lightning has become an entire storm.Chris and his team are already months of work in on the characters, monsters, 3D models, and artwork for the product and they are excited to reveal more very soon.

We all share that excitement here at The Dungeon Society and sooner than you think… Chris’ talent will be up front and center in your hands.

Happy New Year!!!!