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They say Love is a Battlefield

They say Love is a Battlefield

Incubus and Succubus in Love Forever

Joy is the War Strategy

Hello friends, coupled, single, and anywhere in-between!

It's Ron again! Here to wish you a prosperous February, whether to celebrate and bring specialized meaning to your romantic partner(s), an excuse to indulge in some candy, or commemorate the newest Lunar New Year! (Happy Year of the Tiger!) 

Fun Fact: Did you know the Greeks had seven names for "love"? Seven! Because love exists in so many places, I'm convinced that seven isn't even enough! 

I have a particular view that the love of life is what we mean when we say "Joy." It's so easy to read the news and fall into the trap of fear and anxiety. I've struggled with this, particularly with losing loved ones, having to move in the middle of a pandemic, and mourning the loss of our usual way of life. We must feel what is happening around us, both good and bad. I've so far been fortunate to have love by my side to help me through this trying time. Love from so many sources that it was overwhelming many times. I have found so many forms of the word. I learned "love" means fans showing up to appearances to cheer you on. I learned "love" means friends who play games online to help cope with the outside world. I learned "love" means loved ones who are genuinely willing to risk life and limb to bring me necessities. I learned "love" means the very women in my household who have been my source of love and ultimate joy. 

Before we get to this month's team members, I'd like to share some personal photos from my own life to show you how we cope with fear, anxiety, and all of the modern trappings we experience in our current reality here in my household. May love and joy find you in all of their forms. 

Talk about a Giant!

Writing on Lock

A Master Story Forger

Trey Justineau - Head Writer

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Trey may be one of the greatest D&D module creators of our time. I've had the honor of roleplaying and LARPing with this exceptional human for years and the stories I've been a part of because of him are incredible memories that I will cherish for years to come. It also means, I'm like his BIGGEST fan and I'm so excited to be able to tap him for his wonderful abilities. And they don't just exist in writing and storytelling, this man is what we would call "Renniasance". He can draw, he can act, he can make cool Mauls and Fantasy stuff with his bear hands. The leather armor he can craft is incredible. Take a look below at some of his recent creations including a Replica of "Bajack", Uggo Truthseeker's Maul from The Dungeon Run!

Our own D&D Michelangela

A 5-star "mini-chelin" chef

Brielan Blamires - Lead Sculptor

Brielan is a talented sculptor I've recently had the pleasure of getting to know via our Artistic Director, Chris Hayes. Her passion for our project is palpable, and the work she has already completed is, in my humble opinion, some of the best you can find in the mini-industry. We are lucky to have her on our team! She's also just fascinating. She owns a pair of axolotls, one of which is named "Quetzalcoatl," that alone should tell you how well she fits with this team. Towering over most of us at 6ft tall, she loves traveling, practicing interior design, and cooking. Jamaican food is her favorite because her mother and sister grew up in the country and she grew up listening to their stories while eating the delicious meals from the country. She was born here in the US but shares a passion for cooking and traveling with her family. Well, now she's sharing her love for high-end wargaming minis with our team. Take a gander at just a small number of her examples. I hope to see these get you as excited as they get me because this woman is a straight-up Michelangela!