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We Proudly Present "The Roots Beneath Us"

We Proudly Present "The Roots Beneath Us"

Do Your Adventurers Have What It Takes?

Last time we were very excited to announce our first "freebie," the adventure: "As the Crow Flys." This time we are excited to share the second installment in the three-part series. Also designed with a party of 5th to 7th level characters in mind, The Roots Beneath Us extends the "Crowrega" mystery from our first free adventure.

Now, after dealing with the Crowrega, the Adventurers find themselves at the mercy of a mysterious bought of hallucination. As if waking from a dream, they find themselves face-to-face with a sorrow-filled Willow, the "Ill-Willow," if you will, willing to share information and assist but unable to save the brave party from the devastating maze they now find themselves in. Will they make it out alive?

Check out the newest free adventure here if you haven't already, as it is only one part of the fun we have planned for anyone who wishes to sign-up for our newsletter. It's the best place to stay in the know about our upcoming Kickstarter. 

An Update, an Adjustment, and a Sneak Peek

Thank you all for continuing to follow our progress as we move closer and closer to the Kickstarter for the FIRST 5e Advent Calendar. Due to work demands and being equitable to our team, we will be moving our launch to the Fall. This time adjustment gives us the best position for a solid and epic launch.

We've included an exclusive SNEAK PEEK below into what we've been working on in the last few weeks, and we are EXTREMELY proud of all the work our team has done. Starting your own company is challenging, and our team has shown perseverance time and time again. To keep us locked on our goal, we've recently added a product/project manager to the team.

Meet Our CFO, Heather Allison

Heather Allison - CFO / Director of Marketing

Heather Allison is a Massachusetts native who has spent countless years in the reality television and event planning industries. Her experience dealing with the financial chaos is uniquely suited for the creation of a new TTRPG company and we are humbled to have her among our Founders. 

Heather also has the role of our Director of Marketing, and as such has been instrumental in ensuring our social media posts and giveaways are regular and smooth. She is also responsible for our connections to the news, websites and podcasts out in the TTRPG space. She's a wizard in some many categories and when your team has a logistics wizard, there is no worry of ever getting lost. 

Meet Our CBO, Elliott Rodriguez

Elliott Rodriguez - Chief Brand Officer / Cartographer

Elliott Rodriguez has dedicated his life to his rather sizeable family and always incorporated storytelling and fun into his parenting style. We like to think that being such a good father has given him the tools to hone an incredible design style and artistic eye. All of the team artwork is done in his own personal style that we all find ourselves constantly fawning over. 

Elliott has taken on the tasks of not only making sure our branding for the company and all of our products is stylized and fun but also the creation of our encounter maps! His latest work can be found on his Patreon and if you have seen the map for our newest adventure then you're staring at the beautiful work of our Way of Branding Monk.