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5th Edition Print & Play - "A Witch in the Glymerdai"


Unleash the ultimate tabletop experience with our all-in-one 'Print-N-Play' Full Adventure package! Dive into a thrilling 3-part dark fantasy series, now seamlessly combined for an uninterrupted epic journey. This bundle boasts printable maps, tokens, figures, and an exclusive MP3 soundtrack, adding life to your journey through captivating melodies. Get ready to challenge the Crowrega, navigate the Ill-Willow's labyrinth, and face the formidable Ytorhorn in the heart of the Glymerdei. The fate of the adventure lies in your hands!

Immerse Yourself in Epic Fantasy with Our 'Print-N-Play' Full Adventure Package!

A Witch in the Glymerdei

Can your party discover the secret behind the encroaching forest?

Embark on a grand adventure with our meticulously crafted 'Print-N-Play' Full Adventure package. This all-encompassing bundle combines the thrilling 3-part series: 'As the Crow Flys,' 'The Roots Beneath Us,' and 'The Final Chapter,' into a single, immersive campaign, promising countless hours of gripping gameplay.

Your journey begins with the enigma of the 'Crowrega,' a monstrous entity hell-bent on revenge. The mystery deepens in 'The Roots Beneath Us,' where you'll find yourself in the throes of a puzzling hallucination, guided only by the sorrowful 'Ill-Willow.' The climax builds in the final chapter as you confront the cunning and secretive Ytorhorn, in a climactic showdown at the heart of the Glymerdei. Can you outwit the cruel antagonist, or will you become yet another forgotten hero?

With our Print-N-Play Full Adventure package, you get more than just a story. The bundle brings the adventure to life with a plethora of printable assets. Navigate the intricate plots with our detailed maps, engage in battles with our colorful tokens, and immerse yourself in the world with our exquisite figures. Each element is designed to enhance the visual experience of your campaign, adding depth and dimension to your narrative.

But what's an epic journey without a soundtrack to match? We've included an exclusive MP3 soundtrack to set the mood for each chapter of your adventure. From the suspenseful whispers of the Crowrega's curse to the melancholic melodies of the Ill-Willow's labyrinth, right up to the grandeur of the Glymerdei Temple, the music is there to enhance every twist and turn of your journey.

This 'Print-N-Play' Full Adventure package is more than a game - it's a passport to a realm of imagination, suspense, and epic challenges. So gather your party, prepare your strategies, and get ready for an unforgettable D&D experience. The fate of the campaign lies in your hands!